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BluEnt is a design, technology and engineering group with offices in New York, Toronto, Muscat, Amsterdam, and New Delhi. We partner with architects, home builders, real estate developers, contractors, engineering consultants to plan workload efficiently. Companies trust our domain expertise in design development, engineering design, project management, and monitoring. BluEnt is respected globally for its consistent quality of CAD services and timely delivery of construction documentation projects.

BluEnt prefers process flow philosophies like Design Thinking, Dev Ops and Scrum Agile. Teams are trained to achieve lower operational efficiencies in the light of a project's standards, deliverables and intricacies. Companies seek our domain knowledge in quality control along with turn-around time management, securing maximum returns on dollar spending and clear communication.

Associations and partnerships

BluEnt partners and supports companies to construct and enable models, frameworks and margin expansions within the architectural, engineering, construction and technology domains. Having served clients for 14 years, BluEnt has developed a specialization in construction documentation support as well as business and legacy process transformation through software development and technology support.

BluEnt creates database applications, portal integration, healthcare and energy applications, legacy and client-server development, tools and applications for business processes. Adherence to processes like Common Approach to Software Development and Maintenance Methodology (CASDM) and their consistent application assures higher quality software achieved at lower costs and greater productivity levels.

To explore our capabilities in detail, take a tour of our CAD and IT business units.