10 Aug 2018
4 - 7 minutes

Computers and technology have so far been used in the BIM industry. Recent developments have put forth the myriad advantages of modeling not only the graphical aspect but also the non-graphical aspect of building design life cycle.

10 Jul 2018
3 - 6 minutes

While the general concept of a private cloud is something that many IT professionals are familiar with, the actual creation and deployment of a private BIM cloud requires a high level of IT skills

10 May 2018
4 - 7 minutes

Making a strong decision to move to the BIM world is the very first step of BIM implementation in any project. Once you make decision, stick to it. Do not, at any cost, draw the conclusion at the first obstacle

10 Apr 2018
6 - 12 minutes

The term Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around for awhile, but in practice, BIM is still in its infancy and is still weighted heavily towards the front end of building design and construction.

15 Mar 2018
6 - 11 minutes

Revit is a multi-users design tool that works like a champ on a local area network with all the designers sitting in the same office. But it doesn't fit the operational needs of the larger firms working on a large project

10 Feb 2018
3 - 5 minutes

There are claims that BIM is a game changer where everything will be done differently, and nothing short of full adoption of BIM with the multitude dimensions it claims to cover will suffice.

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