31 May 2019
3 - 5 minutes

Innovate. Build. Change. Repeat. It can no longer be denied that we inhabit a 2-planet home world. Earth is unique among planets of planetary system as it is the only habitual planet that has dual gravity.

16 Apr 2019
3 - 6 minutes

A significant proportion of the UK Construction industry remains blissfully unaware of the modern technology and potential benefits that can bestow upon their business, especially for renovations projects.

02 Mar 2019
1 - 2 minutes

The running joke in our industry is when Revit doesn't do something we say "well, maybe in the next release". There are a lot of firms just now getting on the BIM band wagon, and with new technologies coming out, it leaves

25 Feb 2019
2 - 3 minutes

In the recent times, there has been a cumulative feeling that people are increasingly getting isolated. In more ways than one, the factor responsible for this has been accounted to the way we live,

15 Feb 2019
6 - 12 minutes

Discrepancies in construction delivery methods and contracts lead to the failure of BIM. It is time to rethink the contractual context for the BIM-enabled projects.

10 Jan 2019
5 - 10 minutes

Often misquoted BIM is only for large projects with complex geometries. But with the right preparation and strategic planning, the adoption of BIM practices can be swift and highly effective for small firms.

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