20 Jun 2019
2 - 4 minutes

Can safeguarding and reusing disused buildings play an important role in the rejuvenation process? Is this type of adaptive re-use a sustainable option?

07 Jun 2019
3 - 5 minutes

Dusk was falling as the boy arrived in the city of Manchester. Experiencing dynamics of locomotives and static high-rise structures, little did he know, those impressions were the advent of his sci-fi odyssey.

16 Apr 2019
3 - 6 minutes

A significant proportion of the UK Construction industry remains blissfully unaware of the modern technology and potential benefits that can bestow upon their business, especially for renovations projects.

10 Jan 2019
5 - 9 minutes

There is a misconception that BIM is meant only for large projects with complex geometries. With the right preparation and strategic planning, however, the adoption of BIM can be swift and effective for small firms.

15 Jan 2018
4 - 8 minutes

With the help of BIM, collaborating designers and engineers can in short order make more informed and better coordinated decisions about to what extent a dysfunctional old building should be preserved, remedied or replaced.

18 Dec 2017
5 - 10 minutes

Creating a 3D model of existing conditions is important for establishing a good foundation for any Building Information Modeling (BIM) project.

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