12 Oct 2017
3 - 5 minutes

Had Eiffel not expended his efforts to strike this deal the tower might not have been constructed at all. Considered an abomination by many art and civic leaders.

10 Jul 2017
5 - 9 minutes

Art is the ultimate finesse of our human race. Architecture is the greatest inspiration and a powerful symbolic manifestation of our aesthetic fire. AE presents a wholly different perspective at viewing modern architecture.

10 Jun 2017
2 - 3 minutes

After farming techniques went the organic way, architecture happens to follow suit. It does away with conventional geometric shapes and takes resort in free-flowing curves and natural forms.

18 May 2017
5 - 9 minutes

Every era has its own style and ideology which are reflected onto the architecture developed and designed in that era. Architectural Evangelist discovers seven iconic modern architectures.

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