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"To build a virtual building model in AutoCAD was a pain. So, Autodesk started loosing architectural industry to ArchiCAD. In response to that they acquired Revit to retain AEC clients."
- Yelena Ptashinskaya, Building Design Planning professional


"AutoCAD was not purpose built for the AEC industry. Revit was. Revit allows for a higher degree of collaboration, requires a higher degree of communication, and vastly improves a team's ability."
- Gary McLeod, BIM Provocateur


"By reducing or eliminating sharp corners, which concentrate forces, there is potential to reduce seismic loads on our buildings in earthquake country."
- Allen Dusault, Green Evangelist and an Environmental Consultant


"Associative, rendering output, animation output, formula driven aspects for automation, real line weight screen rendition (no more color coded line thicknesses), parametric families, 3D environment..."
- Carl Kilgore, Jr. AIA, President, Profile Design Inc.


"Advance2000 has created an artery for collaboration that is causing new businesses to pop up and new sources of revenue for member firms."
- Chris France, President, Advance2000 NC


"Many professionals say they have BIM software, but haven't rolled it out yet. The high cost of upgrading their computer systems would break most small offices."
- Daniel Lindahl, Daniel Lindahl Architecture


"There are many forms that could be adapted to residential construction. These many different shapes offer the potential for safer and more environmentally benign homes potentially fostering a creative new aesthetic."
- Dr. Eugene Tsui, a Renowned Designer and Researcher


"It's not the technology that makes our industry or any industry advanced, it's people's understanding of what it can do for them, and how they can benefit from it."
- Florin O. Popa, Director - BIM Services, iM studios, LLC


"BIM could be applied to any project of any scale"
- Gary Lawes, Owner, Jagged Edge Design Ltd.


"Innovative design products that support BIM, making it a cost-effective way to evaluate, prioritize, and audit proposed building renovation are the essentials for the success of BIM in the renovation program."
- Jose Oliveira, BIM Lead and Revit Specialist, Mott McDonalds


"In a difficult economy, small firms tend to concentrate more on their core competencies - what they know and how they've done it in the past - to get by."
- Kris Weeks, Intern Architect, Caolo & Bieniek Associates


"Although the general concept of a private cloud is something that many IT professionals are familiar with, the actual creation and deployment of a private BIM cloud requires both a high level of IT skills as well as strong BIM technology expertise."
- Lonnie Cumpton, Co-Founder, BIM9 and Owner of Club Revit


"BIM promises to improve data flow due to the nature of "modeling" vs. drafting...but...Given the tight margins of residential construction sector there is little-to-no tolerance for adding complexities due to interoperability."
- Marc Goldman, Director of Strategy, The Blue Book


"BIM is generally perceived as more applicable and profitable to larger and high-rise building projects. This user perception has been a strong impediment to the BIM usage on small residential architecture projects."
- Ravi Khanna, MRICS, India Head BCRE (Brack Capital Real Estate)


"Very important fact that you should know, regardless of what the advertisements, software vendors, and even the popular opinions, tell you, is that there is NO BIM "industry standard". No vendor provides full BIM suites, even packages vary according to discipline."
- Djordje Grujic, Design Master at City Diamond Contracting


"Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not only a software or tool, it is a culture that needs to be adopted and adapted by all the stakeholders and implementers of a project"
- Saj Khanna, Director, BluEnt