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Green Deeds


The Glass Bubble

If you encounter the gargantuan glass-and-steel structure in Oracle, Arizona, you might think you've walked onto a set for Star Trek. Constructed ...

How to Create a Greener Workplace

Going green at your office can seem difficult: being environmental-friendly conjures up images of taking steps such as switching to renewable energy ...

Make space for nature

The achievements of man are meaningless. In the end, nothing remains. One must return to the womb of nature. Could the exponents of built design ...

The curious case of biomimicry

Bios means life, and mimesis is to imitate. Coined by an American academic and inventor, Otto Schmitt. Bio mimicry in architecture and design is ...

Going Green - Green Architecture

Building and construction have a great effect on the environment. In the US, buildings alone account for 40–49% of energy consumption, 25% of water ...

Let’s Design a Green Blueprint for Green Tomorrow...

With the advancement in technology and software, it is possible now to evaluate the energy performance of a building at early stage of building ...


  • Planning cities
  • Singapore city

    Singapore City, Singapore. This city, now a commercial powerhouse, sprung from the ashes of a colonial past. Because it has few natural resources, it developed a keen eye for infrastructure development. Its office spaces have been decentralized to reduce congestion. It is, truly, one of the best planned cities in the world.

  • Copenhagen

    Copenhagen, Denmark. This city's urban design helps shape the way of life of its citizens. Much of this can be attributed to the Five Finger Plan, the emphasis on cycling infrastructure, and the pedestrian streets. Copenhagen intends to be carbon neutral by 2025.

    Further reading: The Emergence of a Modern City by Henriette Steiner

  • Seoul

    Seoul, South Korea. When it comes to coping with rapid urbanization, cities all over the world can look to vibrant Seoul as an example. Taking inspiration from London, Seoul implemented a Greenbelt policy due to its population explosion in the 20th century. The 2030 Seoul Plan is one ‘decided by citizens at each step of planning’, and includes making the city more community-oriented, lively and safe, among other things.

    Image credit: Flickr

  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam has a long history of meticulous design. In the 17th century, when trade burgeoned in the city, its now-famous canals were constructed for water management and transport. Today, public transport is encouraged, and Amsterdam is full of bicycle paths. The Amsterdam City Council has outlined a 2040 master plan that includes smart technology systems and innovative urban design.